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Birmingham Methodist Circuit

When undertaking a review of the life of the Birmingham Methodist Circuit of 38 churches, we wanted to find a resource which would enable our churches to think simply and clearly about the mission and ministry to which they were called. Revd Andrew Roberts, at that time working for the Learning and Development Network of the Methodist Church, introduced us to his idea of ten holy habits, which he had drawn from Acts 2 and about which he was in the process of writing. Immediately engaged with these ten habits, we started working with him to develop our own programme based on the same topics, encouraging our family of churches to look at a different habit every two to three months. Two years, 82 authors, nine photographers, 18 leaders and nine proofreaders later, we had completed the production of our own resource, which was eagerly snapped up by the Methodist Connexion in partnership with BRF, alongside Andrew’s work.


We continue to hope and pray, now that we have finished the programme, that where helpful, our churches continue to use the resource that we produced together. The importance of developing holy habits in the way that we undertake any church activity, meeting, service or event seems a very useful practice to get into, and, of course, it is also helpful to apply these habits to our own individual lives in order to grow in our journey of faith. We are excited to see this resource grow and develop beyond our contribution and hope that others find within its simple challenge a deepening and growth within their own faith journey, as well as that of their church families.

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