Top ten tips to introducing HOLYHABITS to your church

Ten steps 1


Ideally, purchase a Holy Habits pack.

The Holy Habits resources provide a wealth of ideas for a two-year discipleship programme in your church or at any time. You may also want to read Andrew Roberts’ book Holy Habits (Malcolm Down Publishing, 2016) which goes deeper into the theology and biblical background.

Ten steps 1


Create a team of people to implement Holy Habits in your church.

This group could include other ministers, house group leaders, children and family leaders, Messy Church leaders, leaders of other activities and people who are interested in seeing others grow in Christian discipleship.

Ten steps 1


Invite the people you have identified to a meeting to discuss Holy Habits.

Get together and talk all things Holy Habits. Join others on their journey while helping others understand yours. 

Ten steps 1


Invite these people to explore together what it means to be a disciple and a follower of Jesus and how Holy Habits can nurture this.


You could study the passage in Acts 2:42–47 together, asking the question, ‘Can we see this early church method of discipleship working for us?’

Ten steps 1


Watch and discuss the videos.

Find the videos at BRFonline. Reflect together on what you would need to do to introduce Holy Habits into your church.

Ten steps 1


Plan together.

Plan how you are going to implement and integrate Holy Habits into your Sunday worship, home groups and other activities.

Ten steps 1


Discuss with your other leadership groups.

Discuss and plan with other leadership, PCCs and key people in your church. 

Ten steps 1


Start preparing.


Prepare people for doing Holy Habits by mentioning it at church services, meetings and events. Create some excitement about the journey you are going to take together.

Ten steps 1


Have a launch event.

Launch an event to start the Holy Habits discipleship journey together. Explain how this is going to work, and have a meal and a celebration.

Ten steps 1


Regularly review.


Check in with others and review the journey with your core team, share stories and plan the introduction of the next habit into your church life.