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Holy Habits in Messy Church

Holy Habits in Messy Church combines the discipleship approach of Holy Habits with the all-age, creative and celebratory global ministry of BRF's Messy Church. Containing eleven Messy Church sessions and a range of ideas for Messy Vintage (Messy Church with a specific focus on older people), this book helps all ages think creatively about how the ten holy habits can be lived out together in the everyday.

With an introduction by Andrew Roberts, downloadable material and photos of each activity, Holy Habits in Messy Church is a goldmine of ideas to bring discipleship to the forefront of Messy Church. These ideas are easily transferable to all sorts of settings. It also includes a 'Messy Extra' for each chapter, which can be used in small groups to think about each habit in more detail.

Holy Habits in Messy Church costs £8.99 and is available to buy from BRFonline.

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