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The Holy Habits book


The call to Christian discipleship is a call to adventure. Holy Habits explores the nature of that adventure through a rich mix of biblical material and inspiring stories. The nurturing role of the ten holy habits of discipleship as seen in Acts 2 is then explored. The ten habits are: biblical teaching, fellowship, breaking of bread, prayer, giving, service, eating together, gladness and generosity, worship and making more disciples. Each chapter has suggestions for further reflection and action that can be used individually or by smaller or larger Christian communities.


'Grounded in practice and real-life stories and surrounded by theory, erudition and wide reading, this is one of the best books I’ve read on discipleship. The examples come from all round the world, from different sources, from Fresh Expressions and traditional Christians, from elderly people and young ones, women as well as men. I love the way the habits are everyday, ordinary, do-able ones. This feels very godly.’
Lucy Moore, Messy Church


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‘Holy Habits is about the heart of the Christian life – about being shaped by Jesus Christ as we follow him. Andrew writes simply and compellingly from his own experience as a church leader and pioneer, and most of all as a human being seeking to know and share God’s love. He takes the rich traditions of Christian discipline and translates them into language that anyone can access and put into practice. His book will help you find holiness. I commend it warmly.’

Paul Bayes, Bishop of Liverpool‘


'Just the job! An accessible and authentic account of Christian discipleship, full of encouragement and insight, which when linked with the material on Holy Habits becomes a resource for Christian fruitfulness for each and every small group and local congregation I can think of.’

Martyn Atkins, Team Leader and Superintendent Minister, Methodist Central Hall, Westminster

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