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Holy Habits

The Bible Reading Fellowship supports and resources the Holy Habits initiative, including the provision of this website

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Holy Habits Logo

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Biblical Teaching A3 Poster

Biblical Teaching A3 Poster.JPG

Eating Together A3 Poster

Eating Together A3 Poster.JPG

Serving A3 Poster

Serving A3 Poster.JPG

Prayer A3 Poster

Prayer A3 Poster.JPG

Holy Habits Leaflet - Print Quality

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Breaking Bread A3 Poster

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Gladness and Generosity A3 Poster

Gladness and Generosity A3 Poster.JPG

Sharing Resources A3 Poster

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Holy Habits Leaflet - Small

Holy Habits Leaflet - Print Quality.JPG

Fellowship A3 Poster

Fellowship A3 Poster.JPG

Making More Disciples A3 Poster

Making More Disciples A3 Poster.JPG

Worship A3 Poster

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Holy Habits Powerpoint template

The ‘Connecting the Habits’ posters, bookmarks and prayer cards can be purchased from CPO.

C5819MPPK - Connecting the Habits poster
C5809BK - Bookmark.jpg
C5809BK-2 - Bookmark.jpg
C5809IC - Prayer Card.jpg
C5809IC-2 - Prayer Card.jpg

Tell us your story

We would love to hear from you. Your story is really important to us and will help guide others' journeys. If you want to share your journey with Holy Habits, please use this template and email holy.habits@brf.org.uk

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Training and events

If you are organising a training day or an event, you can use this template to advertise it: