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A celebration of Holy Spirit synergy

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

As many readers of this piece will know, BRF is celebrating its centenary next year – 100 years of God’s blessing. And many of us can testify to having been blessed by the work and resources of the BRF.

A few years ago, I was hugely blessed and encouraged when BRF chose to adopt Holy Habits into their ministries with warmth, enthusiasm and generosity. It has been, and continues to be, a great joy to work with the staff at BRF and many of their volunteers and supporters too.

I wonder if maybe this was part of God’s plan and purposes all along. I was intrigued to read Chief Executive Richard Fisher’s piece in the latest BRF news. He shares something that BRF founder Leslie Mannering wrote in his parish magazine when he offered the first monthly leaflet of Bible readings to his congregation at St Matthew’s Church, Brixton.

‘Why should we not have a great fellowship for the purpose of deepening the life of prayer, Bible reading and Holy Communion in each one of us?’

I can just hear St Luke saying a loud ‘Amen’ to this as it matches so well his model picture of Christian community in the passage from which Holy Habits has emerged, Acts 2:42–47, where he says:

‘They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, to the breaking of bread and the prayers.’ (Acts 2:42).

I love that sense of Holy Spirit synergy which was neither sought nor fabricated, but which I firmly believe God brought to birth in grace and wisdom.

As part of the centenary celebrations BRF has published The BRF Book of 365 Bible Reflections. 365 different contributors have written daily Bible reflections. Writers include Justin Welby, Pam Rhodes, Lucy Moore, Stephen Timms MP and Adrian Plass. As a contributor myself I received my copy recently and I have to say it really is a beautiful hardback book with a gorgeous deep blue and gold cover and a lovely golden ribbon bookmark.

I’m sure the book will help kindle or renew the holy habit of biblical reading and teaching for which BRF was founded. I warmly recommend it to you, either for your own blessing or as a precious Christmas gift.


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