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Holy Habits in Messy Church

Holy Habits meets Messy Church!

Authors Lucy Moore and Andrew Roberts in their new book Holy Habits in Messy Church (BRF, 2020), published this week, identify the ten habits and encourage the development of a way of life formed by them, with a Messy Church slant.

Research shows that children learn better 'by doing more than just talking, so a fun themed activity suggestion for the group is provided,' writes Lucy in her introduction. There are also Messy Vintage sessions, which are along very similar lines but just using 'a shorter outline for each session and a simplified celebration, suitable for where the majority of people are older or space is more limited'.

Andrew Roberts makes the case in the opening pages for using such materials as you would Lego. 'Yes, there are guidelines and, yes, there is a certain amount of received wisdom about what might work well. But with both (Messy Church and Holy Habits) there is also a strong encouragement to be creative, imaginative and contextual.'

Holy Habits in Messy Church is published on 24 January by BRF.

Click here to read Debbie Thrower's blog on Holy Habits in Messy Church. Debbie is Pioneer of BRF's Anna Chaplaincy ministry and especially welcomes the book's Messy Vintage sessions for older people.

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Holy Habits

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